Reporting Abandoned Vehicles or Appliances

If you know of an abandoned vehicle or appliance, you can take steps to have it removed and properly disposed.

First, collect as much information as possible on the vehicle or item, such as: vehicle type, license number, Vehicle Identification Number if possible, color, closest address, waterbody name, condition of the item, specific location and directions.

Next either fill out the form on the following County website, or call the Sheriff's office at 911 to report the information above. The Sheriff staff will check on the situation and then contact either the Snohomish County Health Division or Mike Root at the Cathcart Landfill.

The process of removal make take some time, depending on location, how busy each department may be, and the time of year. If a vehicle or appliance is in a river or stream, agencies may be required to work around the fish window before attaining permits to take equipment into the water.

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