Preparing for Climate Change  

Future changes in climate are projected to significantly impact species and ecosystems of importance to the Stillaguamish Tribe, via changes in species distributions; the productivity, composition, and distribution of vegetation communities; and the timing of biological events (e.g., flowering, breeding, and migration). Understanding which species and ecosystems are most likely to be vulnerable to the effects of climate change, and why, is a critical first step in addressing potential negative effects and maintaining healthy ecosystems.

The Stillaguamish Tribe worked with the University of Washington's Climate Impacts group to develop a list of priority species and habitat types,and specify their level of priority for assessment. We assessed as many of these species and habitats as possible, according to their level of priority, data availability, and the time available for the assessment. You can find the report at

The Northwest Treaty Tribes released their report "Climate Change Impacts to Tribal Treaty Rights and Resources. You can access the pdf from this link


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