Stillaguamish Natural Resources Education Program

The Natural Resource Outreach and Education Program provides a variety of activities to the local public. These include educational venues such as hosting the annual Festival of the River, educational restoration-hatchery tours and lessons for adult stewards in training. We provide local K-12 schools lessons and field trips on salmon protection, climate change and watershed ecology. We are also involved with STEM and STEAM events in local schools in the watershed.

In addition, we host several stewardship/restoration events annually and provide the general public with natural resources education at local community events.

Youth Lessons

Classroom Lessons:

“Get to Know your Watershed” a place-based interactive lesson on watersheds that includes maps, watershed models and a discussion on water quality. Standards for grades 4-5, EALR 1. Systems & EALR 4 Ecosystems.

“The Energy of Estuaries” a place-based interactive lesson on estuaries that includes energy transfer and structures and functions of living organisms. Also a good
pre-lesson for the Iverson Bay field trip. Standards for grades 4-5, EALR 4. Life Science (structure and behaviors & Food webs) & Physical Science (energy transfer).

“Salmon Life Cycle” an interactive lesson where the students present information on the different life stages of a salmon with an emphasis on adaptation. This lessons requires some pre-work in the classroom or 2 one 45" lessons. Standards for Grades 4-5 EALR 4. Life Science (heredity and adaptation).

“Protecting our Salmon”  an interactive lesson that emphasizes stewardship, water pollution and ways that humans can improve the health of ecosystems. Standards for Grades 4-5 EALR 4. Ecosystems

 Field trips:

“Iverson Spit Preserve”a full day at Iverson Bay with hands-on activities and lessons on estuaries, wetlands, native plants, marine wildlife and tidal influences.

“Harvey Creek Hatchery Tour” a half day tour of the Harvey Creek Hatchery which includes stations on habitat, spawning, anatomy and watersheds. In 2016 the tours will take place the first week of December. This is highly attended so it is best to contact us immediately.

“Macros at Squire” a half day at Squire Creek County Park near Darrington. Stations include macro collection & identification and a forest walk (native plants and trees).

For more detailed information on our lessons and field trips click here!


Other Classes, Lessons, and Workshops

Salmon Habitat Restoration Walks
Schedule a group visit to the Tribal Lower Pilchuck Park &  Wildlife Refuge.  Guided walks through restored riparian forest, stream, and wetlands in recovery.

Pacific Coast Salmon 
A 90 minute presentation on Pacific Salmon, their status, cultural significance, life history and protection and restoration efforts. Includes live salmon and identification education. 

The Cultural and Ecological benefits of Trees
This 90 minute workshop teaches the cultural uses of our native conifers, tree identification and the ecological importance to salmon. Participants will take home aromatic tree oil that they will learn to make in workshop!

Marine Resources of Port Susan
A one hour slide show on the marine resources of Port Susan. The discussion includes beautiful pictures and information on the diverse plant and wildlife in Port Susan Bay. You will learn about the threats the estuary faces, what is being done and what citizens can do to help protect these important natural resources.

**  Please contact Tamara Neuffer at 360-547-2687 or email at for questions or more information.**


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