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21st Annual Stillaguamish Pow-Wow

Host drum: TBA

Arena Director: TBA

 2010 Tentative Pow-Wow Schedule

Friday approx. 6pm

Pow-wow 101 with Mark Smith:

Dances and what they are for, learn social dances and steps (how to listen for the song and which way to dance), why we need to clear the floor and who is in charge of floor. Why we need to keep drums and dancers safe and how we do that. Explanation of the "circle" and who can be on it and when. Respect factor, what it means to us Natives as a whole.

Saturday 1st session

12 pm; registration of dancers and drummers and elders
12:30 pm; drum roll call and call to dancers
1 pm; Grand Entry for all dancers, veterans and guests. (and a few drummers) Social dances, intertribals and tiny tots
3 pm; Elders, Adults and Teens, exhibition dances
4 pm; Specials and entertainment dancers.
5 pm; Intertribals and then closing of 1st session.
5:30 pm; dinner for guests and elders, dancers and drummers and families.

Saturday 2nd session

6:45; Call to dancers and drummers for grand entry.
7 pm; Grand Entry for all dancers, veterans and guests.
Social dances, intertribals. Recognition of Vets in audience (round dance)
8 pm; Tiny tots
Warm ups for Adult, Elders and Teen jackpot dancers
8:30 pm; Jackpot dances for Elders(men and women) and Teens(boys and girls)
9:30 pm; Adult Jackpot dancers (men and women)
10 pm; Closing of colors and victory song, exit (goodnite)

Sunday 3rd session

12 pm; call to dancers and drummers for final sesion.
1 pm; Grand Entry of dancers and Veterans and guests.
Social dances, specials and honorings
2:30 pm; Princess and jr princess crownings for outgoing and incoming royalty.
Dance for contestants and honor songs for the Sr. and Jr. outgoing and then the incoming Sr. and Jr. incoming. (Host drum and Honor drum)
3:30 pm; Fun dances, social, speciality and Honor of Tribal organizers (Stillaguamish tribal members available)
5:30 pm; Closing of colors and pow wow

thank you and good nite, see you next year........

Come and participate in this year's Pow-Wow event! Camping is available for all participants. Vendor space is available in the vicinity of the Pow Wow. Vendor fee is $25 for the weekend and/or a donation for the raffle. Vendors must provide their own canopies/tables/chairs, and generators if electricity is needed. The park gate closes at dusk, so there will be no entry/exit during this time. This pow-wow is adjacent to non-pow-wow/non-native events of the Stillaguamish Festival of the River.

The Festival and Pow-Wow are at Snohomish County River Meadows Park, between Arlington and Granite Falls on the Jordan Rd. There will be Hoop Dancers, all categories of dancers, Jack Pot Dancing, Jr. & Sr. Princess Contest. Come enjoy the fun and festivities! There will be daily pay for dancers and drums.

Host drum: TBA

Arena Director: TBA 

Primary host and sponsore of the Festival is the Stillaguamish Tribe.
Additional festival sponsors include:


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