The Fleet Services Division is a new Division in the Stillaguamish Department of TransportationThis division will manage the Tribe’s Fleet of vehicles and equipment. Professional fleet management includes many diverse tasks and responsibilities and requires dedicated personnel to manage the Tribe’s assets.


A Fleet Services Coordinator position will manage the Fleet Services Division. The Coordinator duties will include assistance in vehicle acquisition, maintenance and repairs, billing, disposal, inventory maintenance, monitoring vehicle use, establish equipment life cycles or disposition schedules, replacement forecasting and coordinating insurance and licensing issues. The Fleet Coordinator will also manage the Tribe’s motor pool. 


Fleet Management Services

Services provided by Fleet Management include:

  • Purchasing, managing, and disposing of Tribal vehicles and equipment.
  • Providing maintenance and repair services on vehicles and equipment (Done by STAR).
  • Providing assigned vehicles and motorpool services to Tribal departments.
  • Managing fuel services for vehicles and equipment.
  • Coordination of Insurance and licensing for all fleet units
  • Coordination of vehicle markings (Logo and Lettering)


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