Welcome to our Information Technology Department

Our Mission

Welcome to the Information Technology Department! Our mission is to provide employees of the Tribe with the best information assets to further the work of the Tribe.

In addition to providing acquisition, maintenance, and upgrade services for the Tribe's various data processing hardware and software, we consult with the many departments and programs on how to become more effective in organizational processes by utilizing information technology.

Taking Care of Business

The Tribe is growing fast--Stillaguamish IT's job is not only to keep up with the fast pace, but to keep ahead. Serving several hundred workstations over the Tribe's various programs and departments, this can be a serious task. Luckily, our dedicated team of technicians will happily get to work on your project and is up to that task.

Here To Serve

If your department or program needs IT help, please let us know immediately and we will schedule a technician to come work on your problems. Send an e-mail detailing your support issues to support@stillaguamish.com to get started right now.


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